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Located in Underberg, in the stunningly beautiful Southern Drakensberg of South Africa, Riverview Manor is a private specialist clinic with a difference. The clinic and its surrounds offer an environment that resonates with healing and recovery. Our clients enjoy the anonymity and safety that Underberg provides.

psychologists have the privilege of walking

Riverview Manor is dedicated to providing the most effective professional treatment / rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addiction and dependence, eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, anxiety, depression, trauma and stress. Our specialist team includes psychologists, an occupational therapist, spiritual counselors, a dietician, consulting psychiatrists, a general practitioner and experienced nursing staff.

Our intimacy of care and high professional to client ratio enables Riverview to give each person the individual investment that they need to initiate and maintain change. We are able to keep our groups small and intimate.

Dealing effectively with difficulties of addiction

Although clients are encouraged to participate actively in all therapy programmes as soon as possible, those needing nursing care are attended to by a dedicated and well-trained medical staff.

The Atmosphere


Since 1999, Riverview Manor has been providing effective, professional, inpatient treatment / rehab for people struggling with:

Therapies Alcohol Abuse
Therapies Alcohol Dependence
Therapies Drug Addiction
Therapies Drug Dependence
Therapies Substance Abuse
Therapies Substance Dependence
Therapies Gambling Addiction
Therapies Eating disorders
Therapies Anorexia
Therapies Bulimia
Therapies Anxiety
Therapies Depression
Therapies Trauma
Therapies Stress
Therapies & other debilitating problems.

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"Helping you make your recovery the number one priority in your life!"
Riverview Manor Specialist Clinic
Riverview Manor Specialist Clinic
Although Riverview Manor does not run a strictly Halaal kitchen - we do make every effort to cater for our Muslim clients. Our staff are well trained and informed about islamic foods. We accept pre-cooked frozen meals from the Client’s family, stored and we reheat it separately.
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We have launched our SPECIALIST RECOVERY CENTRE in Durban.
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