Dr. Jean Blom

Dr. Blom qualified at University of Pretoria as a Medical Doctor. Dr. Blom had a General Practice for 17 years and worked in hospitals inbetween. Dr. Blom always had an interest in Psychiatry.

In 1995 Dr. Blom qualified as a Psychiatrist in Bloemfontein and worked in Johannesburg until 1998 when he moved to Canada and practiced as a Specialist Psychiatrist for 17 years.

On return to South Africa Dr. Blom had his own practice for 3 years and then moved to Plettenburg Bay for 18 months before joining our team at Riverview Manor in January 2017.

The Atmosphere
"Helping you make your recovery the number one priority in your life!"
Riverview Manor Specialist Clinic
Riverview Manor Specialist Clinic
Although Riverview Manor does not run a strictly Halaal kitchen - we do make every effort to cater for our Muslim clients. Our staff are well trained and informed about islamic foods. We accept pre-cooked frozen meals from the Client’s family, stored and we reheat it separately.
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We have launched our SPECIALIST RECOVERY CENTRE in Durban.
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