Felicity Oates

Felicity has 43 years nursing experience. During her nursing career Felicity, has overseen various specialist units such as Urology, General Surgery, Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery before taking charge of Olivedale Clinic in Randburg as the Nursing Service Manager for 5 years. Felicity accepted three contracts spaced over three years to work with Netcare, the NHS in both Portsmouth and Manchester. Felicity worked for a busy practice of GP’s in Bryanston before moving onto Saudi Arabia for 4 years as the Director of Nursing of a specialised clinic in Riyadh. The call of teaching and nursing remains strong in her work ethos so even now in her supposed retirement years, is now dedicating herself to client care and nursing development at Riverview Manor.

The Atmosphere
"Helping you make your recovery the number one priority in your life!"
Riverview Manor Specialist Clinic
Riverview Manor Specialist Clinic
Although Riverview Manor does not run a strictly Halaal kitchen - we do make every effort to cater for our Muslim clients. Our staff are well trained and informed about islamic foods. We accept pre-cooked frozen meals from the Client’s family, stored and we reheat it separately.
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We have launched our SPECIALIST RECOVERY CENTRE in Durban.
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